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My Personal Commitment to Physicians and Patients:
In 2006, at the age of 53, I had a heart valve replacement and triple bypass surgery. I was very fortunate: I found a wonderful cardiology practice and surgery team in my area. I researched my condition and treatment options online, discussed my choices with doctors, family and friends and made some informed decisions.

My surgery was a complete success! Twenty-five years ago, I’m told, I probably would have died from this condition. Because of the excellent care and treatment I received when I needed it, I have a new lease on life to enjoy with family and friends!

I created to help patients find the best clinics and to help physicians market themselves for a better ROI, more free time, and less office paperwork.

We build websites for doctors with this Mission:

  • To provide patients access to the best medical services and educational information available on their conditions and treatment options.
  • To support physicians to build better practices, save time, simplify office paperwork.
  • To provide reliable medical information Online 24 hours a day so that they can spend more time helping patients.

Having major heart surgery was a life changing experience for me. I’ve since dedicated myself to helping patients find the best clinics, treatment options available, and to support the physicians and medical teams that care for them.

If you have a medical practice, or know someone who would benefit from a professional medical website please phone or email me directly today!

Mark Gordon


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